Search Engine Optimization

The best place to hide a body is on the 2nd page of a Google Search

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most difficult things to explain. 

What Determines a Page Ranking? Here's a simplified answer:

Search engines have bots that are constantly crawling for a web page's activity. Crawling is an aggressive, world-wide scan of the nearly every website on the Internet and determines the value of the site with a very convoluted algorithm. This means a sight has been indexed. 

According to Google, the factors considered when determining a page's index rankings are:

  • Purpose: Does the website's page have a clear purpose. 
  • Authority: This is a consideration of the page's expertise and trustworthiness. This includes the pages setup and content - but also the quality of the content. Search engine bots try to determine how knowledgeable the content creator is on the subject.  
  • Content Quantity: Another major factor is the amount of high quality content. Search engines are looking not just at the quality of the content, but how much there is and whether or not it's custom.
  • Website Information: Believe it or not, most websites don't even have completed profiles with their basic information. It's important to establish domain age and ownership.  
Benchmark SEO Current SEO Measurment & Analysis

Whether you have not really put much thought into your search engine optimization or you are looking to improve your page, a thorough benchmark analysis must be preformed in order to develop a strategy that will be the most effective.

  • Domain Analysis
  • Mobile Responsivity
  • Page Performance
  • Image Optimization
  • Visibility Rating - Local and Social
  • Backlinks
SEO Essentials Monthly On-Going SEO

Our SEO Essentials Service will be custom for each business we work with, as no two businesses are alike. In short, this service will provide your company's website with what it needs to begin its climb to the top of Mt. Google. Here are some common elements that we'll include in most of our Essentials Service package:

  • All of the features of the Benchmark SEO Evaluation
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Titles and Headings
  • Images Optimization
  • Page Performance Enhancement
  • Social and Local Signal Application
  • Content Optimization (as needed).

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