Facebook and Instagram

Marketing your business on Facebook and Instagram is an absolute necessity.

Maybe you post on your social media or maybe you don't. If you don't then you should. But similar to your website, your FB or Insta page is just the foundation. You need to be running focused ads that target your ideal customers. It's all part of the concert. Choose your instrument, pick your audience, and start playing. The pied piper is calling.

Look at this fish. Where's the hook? Where's the bait? In a bucket on your boat, and you're not casting the line. It's time.
Facebook and InstagramTargeting and Traction

Here are the major elements included in our Facebook and Instagram Solution. Please note: This is a continuing service. You'll be billed monthly for on-going service, including maintenance and revision of current ads, as well as the development and implementation of new ads.

  • Company Asset Evaluation: This is where we look at what your current FB/IG presence is, find your target audience, look at your current video library, and get an over-all feel for your company to help us determine the best way to reach your market through FB/IG Advertisement.
  • Marketing Strategy Session: Our team will sit down with you and your team to discuss what we feel will be the best strategy for your FB/IG ads, and make sure that all parties have a clear understanding of the service being provided and what to expect in terms of results and performance.
  • Onboarding: We begin by making sure that your account is set up properly, has the right permissions, all images and videos are ready to be used in the ad campaigns, branding is in place, and other tasks to be completed before moving forward.
  • Campaign Launch
    • Initial Execution: This is an intensive process where we'll make sure your videos are running properly, using the right budget and getting in front of the right audience.
    • Ad Management: Once your ad campaign is all setup and running smoothly, we'll keep an eye on it to ensure it continues to behave and perform to your expectations.
  • Continuing Revision & Development: As we manage your ads, we'll also tweak them and make revisions to improve results. But it doesn't end there... we'll also be developing fresh content and executing new ads to keep your audience engaged!

Your Services Can't Market Themselves.

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